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Our 3D models and animations are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, ensuring that your projects are as engaging and visually appealing as possible. Our experienced team of 3D designers and animators are dedicated to creating stunning visuals that will captivate your audience. Our services include 3D modelling, animation, rendering, and visual effects for a variety of applications, including video games, films, television, and advertising. We are committed to push the boundaries of 3D technology to bring your projects to life. Let us help you bring your vision to life and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Shape Your Dreams with 3D Modelling and Animations services

Create, design anything in 3D Whatever you want to create. Whether it's brand recognition or brand expansion, our knowledge in the industry enables customers to effortlessly achieve their objectives that helps us to deliver value, fast. You can add an edge to it with our 3D animation services are listed below.

3D Modelling

We offer 3D modelling services for a variety of applications including product design, engineering, architecture, medical, and gaming. Our 3D modelling services create realistic and accurate 3D models that can be used for a wide range of purposes. We use the latest 3D modelling software and techniques to ensure that our models look and perform as expected. Our 3D models can be used for virtual reality, 3D printing, animation, and more. We are committed to providing high quality services and ensuring our clients are satisfied with the results. This involves creating 3D models that can be used in animations, video games, and computer-aided design (CAD) projects.

3D Animation service

Our services include character animation, 3D modelling, lighting, and compositing, as well as concept design and storyboarding. We have experience with a wide variety of 3D animation software such as Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, and Blender, and our team of experienced 3D animators is ready to bring your project to life. Whether it’s a feature film, commercial, game, or something else, we can help make your vision a reality. This type of service involves creating 3D animations for video games, web applications, and other digital media.

3D Visualization service

We use the latest 3D software and technologies, and have experience with a wide range of 3D formats, from static images to interactive virtual reality experiences. We also provide 360- degree panoramic views, virtual reality (VR) experiences, and augmented reality (AR) applications. This type of service involves creating 3D renderings of objects, environments, and characters for use in video games, movies, and other digital media. It requires expertise in software such as Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Mental Ray.

3D Rigging service

We use specialized software to create a skeleton and muscle structure for characters or objects and then animate them. We create rigs that are optimized for realistic movement and performance. We also provide facial rigging services to create realistic facial expressions for characters. Our rigging services are available for both static and dynamic objects We also offer other services such as skinning, retopology, and weight painting. This type of service involves creating a skeleton or “rig” for 3D models to enable them to move and be animated. It requires expertise in software such as Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Blender.

3D Rendering service

Our 3D rendering services provide photorealistic images that are produced through a combination of 3D modelling, lighting, and post-production techniques. We can provide detailed 3D renderings of products and objects that can be used to help visualize their design and overall look. This type of service involves creating renderings of 3D models using programs such as Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Mental Ray.

3D Motion Graphics service

Our services include creating animations and effects for video content, such as marketing videos, product demos, and explainer videos. This kind of work requires a deep understanding of animation principles, as well as software such as Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Maya to create 3D models and animation. Our services also include creating logos, titles, product graphics, and other graphics elements. These graphics can be used to create a cohesive look and feel for a video project, or to feature a product or service.

3D Architectural Design service

We offer a wide range of architectural design services, including conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, as well as permit and construction administration. Our design team is experienced in creating beautiful and functional living, working, and public spaces, and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

3D Simulation service

3D simulation is the process of creating a virtual three-dimensional environment in which objects and events can be simulated, viewed and interacted with in a realistic way. This type of 3D modelling and animation service involves creating simulations that can be used in films, video games, and other digital media. 3D simulations can be used for a wide range of purposes, from training and education to entertainment and virtual prototyping.

3D Lighting and Texturing service

3D lighting and texturing services involve digitally creating a 3D environment and adding light and colour to it. We specialize in creating high-quality 3D environments that are visually appealing and lifelike. We also offer custom services, such as building custom textures and custom lighting setups. With our 3D lighting and texturing services, you can create the perfect environment for your projects.

3D game Development service

We specialize in 3D game development services, ranging from concept design, development, and deployment of your game. Our team of experienced 3D game developers are experts in using Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4, and other 3D game development tools to create realistic 3D experiences that captivate players. We have years of experience in developing 3D games for various platforms, such as PC, console, web, and mobile. We can develop both single-player and multiplayer 3D games for you, with realistic visuals and immersive gameplay.

Images & videos are not enough? 3D is the answer for you

Sometimes you want to give users the possibility to grab something and look at it from multiple angles since that is how humans learn the world around them. That is not always possible with presentations, films, or photos. We get disengaged because we feel confined. That's the pitch: 3D is the most engaging media format available. Your audience can interact with your ideas in 3D by rotating, moving around, zooming in, inspecting from inside, and eventually learning about the ideas you are sharing. 3D modelling allows you to create scenes and digital twins, while 3D animation brings them to life with movement and colours. Third design gives you this magical ability; we assist you in getting rid of uninteresting PowerPoints and genuinely making your points powerful.
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Tap Into the Benefits of 3D Modelling and Animation Services:

While an improved overall design may be the most significant benefit of 3D modelling, companies should also consider its other noteworthy benefits that improve the quality of their projects. Be it the entertainment or the manufacturing industries, the utility of 3D modelling and animation is enormous. Here are a few reasons why you should go for 3D modelling services:

Improved Product Development

3D modelling and animation can be used to create detailed prototypes of products, enabling better visualisation and refinement of the design before production and animation improves communication between designers, engineers, marketers and other stakeholders by providing a clear visual representation of a product or concept.

Improved Visualization

3D modelling and animation services allow for a more detailed and realistic visual representation of products and services, enabling a better understanding of how the product will look and function.

Increased Design Efficiency

3D modelling and animation services allows to create complex designs with minimal effort, faster product development, enabling designers to quickly create and modify designs to meet customer specifications.

Accurate Representations

3D modelling and animation provides an accurate representation of an object, allowing designers to make adjustments to the design quickly and easily. It allows designers to create detailed and accurate designs.

Cost Savings

3D modelling and animation can save companies money by reducing the amount of time and effort required to create a design. This enables companies to avoid the high costs associated with prototyping and testing of physical models.


The reusability of a rendered 3D animation's character or model is an additional advantage. Models created by 3D animators may be reused in subsequent projects. When it comes to future 3D projects, the aspect of reusability not only saves you money but also time.

Nurture Brand Uniqueness

3D modelling and animation can be used to create impressive visuals that can be used to market products and services. Our 3D product animation services aid the audience in comprehending the specific objective of a firm by utilizing cutting-edge technology, VFX, visual, and audio elements. With this brands can effectively communicate their message and stand out from the competition.

Enhance Interactivity

You can increase engagement even before development is complete by beginning to sell a product or service. The strength of the 3D animation industry lies precisely there. Having your 3D animations seen on more websites means more potential customers for your company. This enables businesses to engage customers in a more interactive and immersive way, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Quick identification and correction of errors

One of the most obvious advantages of 3D modelling in product design is that it allows manufacturers to identify any design flaws ahead of time, eliminating the need for some prototyping which allows solutions to be rapidly generated and reviewed ensuring that the product conforms to the specification.

Uncovering the Nuts and Bolts-- 3D Modelling and Animation Mechanism

Our mission is to make it scalable, affordable and accessible to everyone. We focus on displaying digital assets online, making them available cross channel and usable on any device. This way we contribute to the worldwide need for a circular economy, realizing a bigger reduction of our client’s Global Footprint.

Your Product Experience has never felt better without these guidelines!

Gather the project requirements

Before beginning the development process, it is important to understand the project requirements. This will help in determining the scope of the project, the resources needed, and the timeline to complete the project.

Create storyboard

Once the project requirements are understood, the next step is to create a storyboard. This is the blueprint of the animation and will help in the visualization of the final product.

Develop 3D assets

After the storyboard is finalized, the next step is to develop the 3D assets. This includes creating characters, props, environments, and other elements for the animation.

Rigging and animation

Once the 3D assets are ready, the next step is to rig the characters and animate them according to the storyboard. This is done by adding movement and dynamics to the characters.

Rendering and compositing

Once the animation is complete, the next step is to render the animation and composite the elements together. This includes adding lighting, textures, and other effects to give the animation a realistic look.

Voice Over & Music

A parallel procedure to record voices (with specialized artists in various languages) takes place as per the script finalization. A parallel procedure to record voices (with specialized artists in various languages) takes place as per the script finalization.

Lighting, touch up & Sound Integration

This step enables a cinematic view of our framed output to provide shading, lighting effects to the video. This increases the feel of realism to the views of the animation video.

Editing and Post-Processing

Edit and refine the animation and make adjustments. Finally, it is tested for quality assurance. This includes checking for errors, bugs and ensuring the animation meets the project requirements.


We work with all the latest game development tools and platforms to help you build stunning games with superior graphic rendering, sound, animation, and display. Our team is highly competent in

Discover What Sets Us Apart

We believe in uniqueness. Our experts produce 3D animated videos that are distinct from one another, with designs that rivals find difficult to replicate.


Technical Ability
We have offered the best 3D modelling effect for visualizing. To know more, check out our company’s technology portfolio and you’ll get a clear picture of the quality of the services we provide. We have valued innovation, excellence, technology, and outstanding design to provide the best in 3D animations and modelling.


Out Of the Box Thinking
We are a firm with updated technological tools and software, different thinking, and exceptional ideology that help us add wonders to the projects.We have professionals, who blend reality and technology to ensure pioneering results in 3D Modelling, Interior Design, Architecture, Concept Ideas, and Animation.


Creative Instincts
We strive to bring the creative instincts in the design. On the other hand, if you choose us to assist your 3D service, you’ll open yourself to creativity and uniqueness where the sky’s the limit! With us, you won’t have to limit or restrict your ideas.


Quality Result
It’s a simple concept, and we work smart to achieve it! We start by considering client blueprints and sketches, communicating notions and expectations. We listen and absorb the client’s requirements and work accordingly to provide a realistic scope at the mentioned time frame. Along with this, use updated technology and ideas to deliver quality result without compensating on time.


Cost Effectiveness
Even though the quality is paramount, still affordability of a company and its services matter much. On hiring us, you can achieve your most modern and realistic visualization needs within affordable prices.

Industrial Innovation for Every Sector: We Served

AI development service has the potential to make a huge impact on a variety of industries. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, businesses can unlock new levels of insights and productivity, allowing them to better serve their customers and make more informed decisions. AI can be used to automate processes, optimize operations, and reduce costs, making it an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes. By utilizing AI, businesses can gain a better understanding of their customers and the marketplace, allowing them to craft more effective strategies and better serve their customers.

Manufacturing and engineering

Creating 3D models and animations for use in the design and visualisation of products and processes.
manufacturing and engineering | Metappfactory

Advertising and marketing

Creating 3D models and animations for use in promotional materials, such as commercials and product demonstrations.
advertising and marketing | Metappfactory

Education & Training Industry

Creating 3D models and animations for use in educational materials and interactive learning experiences.
education and training industry | Metappfactory

Construction, Architecture & Interiors Industry

Creating 3D models of buildings and interior spaces for use in design and visualisation.
construction and interiors | Metappfactory

Medical Industry

Creating 3D models and animations for use in medical education and training, as well as for patient communication and treatment planning.
medical industry | Metappfactory

Architecture and interior design:

Creating 3D models of buildings and interior spaces for use in design and visualisation.
architecture and interior design | Metappfactory

Automotive and transportation

Creating 3D models and animations of vehicles and transportation systems for use in design and visualisation.
automative and transportation | Metappfactory

Aerospace and defence

Creating 3D models and animations of aircraft and defence systems for use in design and visualisation.
aurospace and defence | Metappfactory

Fashion and retail

Creating 3D models and animations of clothing and accessories for use in e-commerce and marketing.
fashion and retail | Metappfactory

Film and entertainment

Creating 3D models and animations for use in movies, television shows, and video games.
film and entertainment | Metappfactory

Energy and utilities

Creating 3D models and animations of energy systems and infrastructure for use in planning and communication.
energy and utilities | Metappfactory

Agriculture and forestry

Creating 3D models and animations of farming and forestry operations for use in training and education.
agriculture and forestry | Metappfactory

Environmental and natural resources

Creating 3D models and animations of landscapes, ecosystems, and natural resources for use in research, conservation, and education

Experience the Difference: Why Choose Us for Exceptional Service and Results!

We offer superior design development

3D modelling allows the designer and client to visualise how parts interact with each other for the best results. This helps optimise the design for correct functionality, durability, costeffectiveness, and experiencing the true aesthetics of a design

We are a team of seasoned professionals

Our experts have extensive experience in 3D modelling services and an excellent track record of working with clients, engineers, and manufacturers of all levels from around the world. They are known for their eye-catching concepts, as well as their ability to develop aesthetically pleasing designs through effective prototyping.

Get cost-effective solutions in your budget

We recognise the fact that every client comes with their own time and budget constraints. The best part of our 3D modelling services at Metappfactory is that we offer solutions at a budget that won’t pinch your pockets. Our team is going to be constantly in contact with you which will ensure a smooth workflow and an on-time delivery of your product.

Recreate older 2D designs in 3D CAD

2D designs can be updated and reused in a better way by recreating them in 3D CAD. By updating old drawings, clients can ensure that their designs are compatible with their manufacturer’s latest processes and allow the other benefits of 3D modelling.
3D Design & Development
Metappfactory has the expertise in designing and developing various Metaverse components such as 3D virtual worlds, Metaverse NFT markets, Metaverse Applications, Decentralized platforms, and many more.
3D Modeling
3D Animation
3D Product Modeling
3D Movie Making

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