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Build Decentralised & Autonomous Metaverse NFT Marketplace like Sandbox

Are you a tech-savvy looking to build a decentralised & autonomous metaverse NFT marketplace like Sandbox?

Creating a decentralised and autonomous metaverse NFT marketplace is an exciting challenge requiring cutting-edge technology, innovation, and creativity. Building such a platform involves developing a virtual world where participants can trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent unique digital assets such as game items, collectibles, and more.

The goal is to create an open economy in which users can not only trade NFTs but also create virtual worlds and collectibles. This will be achieved through decentralisation, meaning that no single entity or group will have control over the platform. Instead, the platform will be managed by its community members who will use blockchain technology to guarantee trustless transactions on the network.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the steps required to build your own decentralised & autonomous metaverse NFT marketplace like sandbox : from planning to launch. 

So let’s get started!

Overview of Sandbox Metaverse NFT marketplace

The Sandbox visual
Sandbox visuals

Sandbox is a popular metaverse NFT platform with a purpose-built decentralised, autonomous, and secure marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As their tagline states, “Create, Own, and Govern Your Digital Worlds”. This allows users to create entire virtual worlds by creating digital territories and objects—which are then turned into NFTs—all powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The metaverse platform enables users to monetize their work in the form of digital assets such as real estate, artwork, avatars or even entire game universes. This also gives creators control and ownership of their digital world and its associated assets. Sandbox provides tools to help creators create and share virtual experiences as well as access to a marketplace to trade these assets with each other. Furthermore, the platform supplies an extensive developer toolkit so that anyone can build interactive applications on top of the platform.

Features of a Decentralised & Autonomous Metaverse NFT Marketplace Like Sandbox

Building a decentralised and autonomous metaverse NFT marketplace is becoming increasingly popular. With a decentralised marketplace, users have complete control over their transactions, allowing for greater autonomy and secure transactions with no third parties to rely on. This type of marketplace also provides greater control over how users interact with one another and manage their digital assets within the metaverse.

Here are some of the features you can expect to find in a decentralised & autonomous metaverse NFT marketplace like Sandbox:

  • Immutability: All changes made in the platform are effectively permanent and cannot be reversed or changed in any way. Furthermore, all assets stored in the platform are cryptographically secured, meaning they can’t be tampered with or altered in any way.
  • Decentralised Governance: Decentralised governance allows users to remain in control of their transactions as well as have a say in how the platform is managed without relying on third parties.
  • Flexible Asset Pricing: Users can freely set the prices for their assets on the marketplace without needing to worry about centralised pricing or third-party fees. This allows them to maximise profits while still ensuring fair prices for all buyers.
  • Transparency: The platform’s codebase is open-source and publicly available so that anyone can inspect it and see what exactly is going on “under the hood” of the platform. This ensures that everything remains honest and transparent for everyone involved.
  • Gasless Transactions: A decentralised sandbox can offer gasless transactions, which means that developers can test and deploy their dApps without worrying about the transaction costs.
  • Multiple Blockchains Support: A decentralised sandbox can support multiple blockchain networks, allowing developers to test their dApps on different blockchain ecosystems.
  • Cross-chain Interoperability: A decentralised sandbox can facilitate cross-chain interoperability, enabling developers to build and test dApps that can interact with different blockchain networks.

Build in Features

The Sandbox platform consists of three integrated products: the VoxEdit, the Marketplace, and the Game Maker.



VoxEdit is a 3D voxel art and animation tool that allows users to create custom 3D assets for their games. Voxels are volumetric pixels, which are 3D pixels that can be used to create objects in a game world. With VoxEdit, users can create their own voxel-based characters, props, and environments, and export them to The Sandbox.


Vox Marketplace

The Marketplace is a decentralised platform where users can buy and sell assets created in VoxEdit. Users can buy and sell everything from characters and props to entire game worlds. The Marketplace is built on the blockchain, which means that all transactions are transparent and secure.

Game Maker

Vox Games Builder

The Game Maker is a game development tool that enables users to create their own games using the assets they have created in VoxEdit and purchased on the Marketplace. The Game Maker is designed to be easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding skills. Users can create a wide range of game genres, from action and adventure to puzzle and strategy games.

The Sandbox platform also features a unique monetization model that allows users to earn revenue from their creations. Creators can earn SAND, the native cryptocurrency of The Sandbox platform, by selling their assets and games on the Marketplace. They can also earn revenue from player engagement, as players can earn SAND by playing games created by other users.

A Game Platform Based On The Blockchain

The Sandbox uses several token types to ensure a circular economy between all the types of users who will interact with the platform: players, creators, curators, and land owners:

SAND: the ERC-20 token used within The Sandbox as the basis for all of the ecosystem’s transactions and interactions.

LAND: a digital piece of real estate in The Sandbox metaverse. Players buy LAND in order to populate it with games, assets and interactive experiences. Each LAND is a unique (non-fungible) token lying on the public Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721).

ASSETS: a token created by players who build/assemble user generated content (UGC). ASSETS utilize the ERC-1155 standard and can be traded on the marketplace, with their main utility being to serve as creation elements in The Sandbox Game Maker.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are virtual tokens for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. They are unique/distinct, indivisible, and not interchangeable.

Sandbox -Sand, Land, Asset, Games

How Do Creators Generate Revenue?

Create Voxel ASSETS

Build ASSETS on Vox Edit, import and sell them on the Marketplace as NFTs.

Build Games with the Game Maker

Build and monetize games and interactive experiences with the Game Maker using your LANDS.

Own a LAND

Buy a LAND during one of our LAND Sales. Rent them or populate them with content to increase their value!

Benefits of Sandbox Application:

Sandbox comes with a lot of advantages. These benefits include investments, greater control on assets, and more opportunities for potential buyers.


To build a Sandbox application, encourages potential investors to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in order to gain access to a virtual world. This investment allows investors to better diversify their portfolios while also benefiting from the potential returns that can be earned by owning and trading NFTs. Furthermore, unlike traditional investments, NFTs can be purchased at any time and sold in the market for relatively low initial costs.

Control on Assets

To own like Sandbox application, gives users full control over their assets in the form of NFTs. This is an important factor as it means users are not subjected to external rules and regulations when trading these assets. Furthermore, users who owns a Sandbox can also choose to keep their assets in cold storage if they wish, providing greater security over their investments.

New Opportunities

Having a Decentralised & Autonomous Metaverse NFT Marketplace like Sandbox application, opens up new opportunities for investors who are looking to make money off of digital assets. With this platform, users can create new and innovative ways to trade digital assets without being subjected to the same restrictions found in traditional markets. This means that there is potential for increased profits as well as new ways of making money off of digital assets.

To build applications like Sandbox, a complete package of applications to launch its own 3D metaverse game.

Development approach and technologies to build application like sandbox:

Building a Decentralised Autonomous Metaverse NFT Marketplace like Sandbox requires a comprehensive development approach and the proper technologies to make it work. 

Here are some of the key considerations when it comes to the development of your Sandbox:

Smart Contracts:

The use of Smart Contracts is essential in order to ensure that transactions on the platform are secure and autonomous. Smart Contracts also allow for rapid and cost-effective deployment of Decentralised Applications (DApps) for open source developers.


Blockchain technology is needed for its distributed ledger capabilities which allows for secure, transparent, and immutable data storage solutions. The use of blockchain also allows for enhanced traceability of transactions as well as trustless, peer-to-peer interactions between users without any third-party oversight.

Cryptocurrency Wallets:

In order to enable users to securely store and transact cryptocurrency, an integrated wallet solution is necessary with your Sandbox application. This should enable users to transfer funds across the platform in a fast, secure, and cost-effective manner.

Security Layers:

It is important that your Sandbox application is equipped with multiple layers of security to ensure the platform remains safe from malicious cyber attacks. This includes two factor authentication, data encryption, and regular security audit & testing processes.

Benefits, pricing & timeline of building 3D metaverse NFT marketplace:

Creating a decentralised, autonomous 3D Metaverse NFT Marketplace offers several advantages to you and your customers.

Benefits of building 3D metaverse NFT marketplace

  • Flexibility for customization projects with different feature sets
  • Ability to monetize virtual assets and experiences within the Metaverse
  • Connect with the most advanced virtual worlds and gaming platforms
  • Increased scalability through decentralised infrastructure networks
  • Enhanced security through tokenized wallets and automated transactions
  • Streamlined transactions between customers through a trustless architecture

Pricing & Timeline of building 3D metaverse NFT marketplace

Depending on the project’s size and complexity, development costs can range widely. However, industry experts suggest budgeting between $30K – $50K minimum to ensure a successful launch. Additionally, the timeline for development can vary from 5–12 months.

Ultimately, by investing in developing an advanced 3D Metaverse NFT marketplace, you’ll gain more flexibility in creating unique experiences. Additionally, you’ll be able to offer innovative products at competitive prices to remain competitive in the market.

Sandbox Development Services

Metappfactory helps businesses design the layout of your virtual land and bring your idea to life. This in turn helps people discover more about you/your business in The Sandbox metaverse.

Our team of experts provide businesses, like yours, the toolbox you need for your imagination to come to life. We customise assets, transform landscapes and establish interactions for your business on Sandbox.

We, at Metappfactory, develop intelligent interactive solutions for our clients to help them stay ahead of competition.


When choosing a Sandbox application for your business that aligns with the NFT marketplace and the principles of decentralisation and autonomy, it’s important to make an informed decision. Metappfactory, a reputable development company, can offer you a clone that meets your specific needs and comes with various customization options.

It’s crucial to have a basic understanding of the 3D metaverse NFT marketplace and the technology behind it to ensure that the clone script you choose meets industry standards. By partnering with the right provider and selecting the right sandbox application, you can create the ultimate decentralised and autonomous 3D metaverse NFT marketplace that meets the demands of the market.

Metappfactory can provide you with the best price/value for your business, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to enter the metaverse  NFT marketplace. By working with a reputable services like Metappfactory, you can be confident that you’ll receive a high-quality product that meets your unique needs and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

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