How Brands Are Positioning Themselves In The Metaverse

The metaverse is currently the most talked about buzzword in business, and businesses are eyeing a piece of the action. We begin by researching the ways in which brands are adjusting to the web3 space through Metaverse Branding. The future of business and marketing will undoubtedly be shaped by the metaverse, despite the fact that it is still in its infancy. Here we assembled the most effective metaverse marketing techniques in this article, along with samples you may study.

When your product or service is closely related to consumption, finding your place in the metaverse can be extremely difficult.

Fashion Industry

Immersive experiences are more likely to influence consumers than owning NFTs of high-street fashion companies. In 2022, the metaverse comes under the radar of numerous firms that are experimenting with the next generation of the internet, offering everything from high-end goods and limited-edition collectibles to digital concerts.

Brands in Metaverse
Brands in Metaverse | Metappfactory


Nike has long been a leader in a digital change in the sports apparel industry. More lately, it has made an effort to take advantage of the enthusiasm surrounding ideas like the metaverse. When it comes to brands that are as successful digitally, Nike has been setting the bar. It has been successful in transferring its capacity to foster an aspirational mindset into the virtual world. They offer stylish digital products that users can own through competition, challenges, and the ability to brag about accomplishments and high scores.

This makes it a fantastic example of a company that has integrated digital transformation into its core values and identity. Nike’s purpose-built metaverse environment, Nikeland, uses the Roblox platform to connect and mingle with its users, participate in contests, and offer a variety of brand experiences. Each user who enters Nikeland also takes ownership of their own “yard,” a private area within Nike world that they may use to display their memorabilia and customize to fit their tastes.


Gucci, who holds the title of one of the first metaverse movers. They have launched a number of projects that have elevated the luxury label to new fashion heights. Entering Metaverse, The Gucci Garden on the Roblox gaming platform is their Metaverse. This virtual experience was modelled by the brand’s actual Florence fashion show, which was conducted to celebrate Gucci’s 100th anniversary.

Users of Roblox had the chance to explore the immersively designed chambers of the Garden, try on, and buy Gucci NFTs to be worn inside the game. Since then, the renowned luxury company has continued to explore virtual reality, gaming, blockchain technology, and NFTs.

It has produced NFTs in association with the narrative NFT project 10KTF and toy manufacturer Superplastic, and it recently unveiled plans to scale the metaverse and gaming strategies of the luxury brand.

Automobile Industry

Two key areas of opportunity are now developing for manufacturers in the metaverse. A new virtual space offers the possibility of advertising and The metaverse is already being positioned as a venue for business, very similar to how consumers already purchase online but with a more immersive experience. Virtual shops and shopping centers have already been constructed; it’s just a matter of time before marketers figure out how to best reach the metaverse’s expanding user base.

Automobile Industry
Automobile Industry | Metappfactory


To design, plan, develop, simulate, and optimize BMW’s manufacturing processes, hundreds of planners, product engineers, facility managers, and lean manufacturing specialists from various corporate locations now work together in this metaverse. These designs may be developed prior to the construction of a real factory or may be evaluated on a real-world virtual production floor. With a motion capture suit, planners can virtually enter the simulation and record work movements that can later be incorporated into the design. The outcomes of this simulation should hold true when they are implemented in the actual world because the rules of physics hold true in this metaverse.


Hyundai  claims that users may get a flawless virtual launch experience of the new vehicle launch by downloading the Roblox app via the Play Store. With this launch eventm the business will offer a variety of new media experiences to Test Drive, display, Service and engage users a interactive tour on the Metaverse.”

Users will be dropped off close to the event area from the Hyundai Mobility Adventure, which is immediately accessible through Roblox. The event tab and area can be easily reached by them, and they can be integrated into the Metaverse.

Food and the supply Chain

Indoor agriculture is not an exception to the serious potential that the Metaverse, a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection, holds to permeate virtually every business that we are aware of. The metaverse-based game offers virtual tours of smart farms, agriculture museums, and governmental buildings in an effort to raise awareness of agriculture among millennial and Generation Z consumers.


Coca-Cola demonstrated to the world that the metaverse is about more than just entertainment, games, and fashion. They held their first metaverse auction in 2021, selling NFT memorabilia in Decentraland. A wearable bubble jacket for game avatars was one of the treasures.

They expanded beyond clothing and antiques. The next step was to introduce their distinctive beverages online. The name of their beverage is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte. Then they created the Pixel Point world in Fortnite Creative. In this environment, players can play games and sample various virtual flavors.


The fast-food franchise Wendy’s has consistently followed the newest fashion among its younger followers. In order to promote its commitment to using “fresh, never frozen beef” on its menu, Wendy’s used the launch of a new Food Fight game mode in Fortnite to create a character who is on a quest to eradicate frozen beef. Wendy’s received over 250,000 live views while streaming their gaming on Twitch. The brilliant strategy helped Wendy’s gain numerous influencer awards and raise brand recognition throughout the metaverse.

Games &  Entertainment

Gaming needs no introduction or association for Metaverse, it’s like Metaverse is made for the gaming industry. I think it’s safe to say a metaverse is a mere form of the game.

Walking dead

Not only do direct-to-consumer firms use the metaverse to reach new audiences, but so do others. The Walking Dead by AMC continues to provide content beyond the television show by creating a zombie apocalypse in The Sandbox. A game based on the popular series was added thanks to a collaboration between The Sandbox and Skybound Entertainment. The Walking Dead video game debuted in the metaverse in July 2021. Fans can participate and play out the story while getting to know the original characters.

The focus of the game is survival, with players having to scrounge for food and hide from zombies. Players have the option of following the original plot or living their own trip throughout the world.


In order to give the public a better understanding of what it means for the entertainment business in general and the streaming service market in particular, Netflix published some of its ambitions for its Netflix metaverse. They are also buying the rights to numerous games and movies.

Although they haven’t officially published any metaverse products, they have previously dropped hints about possible offerings. For instance, they published “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” in 2018, an immersive media experience that let the audience make decisions that affected the plot. They subsequently released Minecraft: Story Mode, their debut video game.

Why should your company also enter the Metaverse?

As more people shop, work, play and study online, consumer behavior has changed as a result of our dependence on technology. Metaverse branding, which aims to obfuscate the distinction between physical and virtual reality and alter how we see the environment, promises to bridge the gap between physical and digital.

This gives businesses the chance to connect with new customers, boost consumer confidence, and investigate new revenue opportunities.

We cannot overstate the importance of Gen Zers as customers, given their dominance in the metaverse. They currently have $143 billion in purchasing power and by 2030, experts believe they will outspend both millennials and baby boomers.

In general, business prospects abound in the metaverse. Leading businesses have given it a shot, and you should too!

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